A passionate family in love with their roots and with nature, who have worked with conviction since 1960, offers you a pleasurable tasting experience over and over again.


Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and several ancient rootstocks (Arbanne, Petit Meslier and Pinot Gris) make up our 10-hectare vineyard. Our chalky-clay soil has been classified as suitable for growing champagne grapes. This vineyard is found on both sides of the Marne Valley, at Baslieux sous Chatillon and at Vauciennes, where remains of the Château de Blanche De Castille, which dates from the 12th Century, can be found. (Champagne grapes have to be harvested by hand so as not to damage the fruit and this generally takes place in September).

Working on the principle that we are merely the guardians of our heritage for future generations we must take care of the soil and the environment. Our family holding has gained the H.V.E. (Haute Valeur Environnementale) certificate as a result of our efforts to look after the natural habitat by such means as growing grass between the vines, helping to preserve the biodiversity, using pheromones to naturally deter insects and our choice of fertilizers.

Being independent wine producers we make our champagnes using our own grapes, preserving the age-old champagne traditions. Because we understand so well our types of grapes we either make our champagne in temperature controlled stainless-steel vats or, for some of our Chardonnays, in oak barrels. We mix our grape juices to offer you the best of our know-how through out our seven blends. A final careful addition of reserve wine completes and signs-off our workmanship.


It seems that forever the families Liébart-Régnier have been workers of the soil in their souls. Working the land in the vineyards on the gently rolling hills of Champagne, collecting each different harvest according to the weather conditions. It's our life!

Our label was created in 1960 by the marriage of Lucien Liébart and Georgette Régnier and the joining together of their two vineyards from different parts of the Marne valley, one in Baslieux sous Chatillon and the other in Vauciennes. Only child, Laurent, followed in the footsteps of his parents together with his wife, Valerie, both in love with their work and their roots. Today it is the third generation, namely Alexandra and Marion, who are overjoyed to have joined the family business.